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How to make your own wedding invitations

Our printable wedding invitation templates are a savvy and inexpensive alternative. Use your home computer to create stunning printable invitations, in your own wedding colors.  Artwork colors are fully editable directly in Word or Pages, on Mac or PC. 

Each printable invitation is typeset to perfection so you don't have to become a design expert to customize your invitation.  Since our printables are for Word or Pages, you can also adjust the layout as you wish! You can add, move, or remove all text boxes, photos, and artwork.  You can also adjust the fonts to any you wish.  

Our downloads are also instant, so you can get started right away!  Since you customize the file yourself, you can make endless edits and changes, no need to negotiate with a designer and pay extra fees when your rehearsal venue changes at the last minute. 

We stand by our products, and are here to help if you need any assistance!  Please don't hesitate to chat with us, or drop us a line

Finally, we recently underwent a site redesign.  If you are looking for our old site, you can still visit it here. 

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